Ultra Violet's 2019 predictions

What will 2019 bring? What will we all be wearing, eating and doing this time next year?

The Ultra Violet team share their predictions for the year ahead.

1. Vagina’s will continue their meteoric rise

If you thought vagina’s had their moment in the sun already you’d be wrong. 2019 is all about Big Bush Energy - Big Dick Energy’s big sister.

Walk into every room like you have the biggest bush in there and it’ll make you feel powerful af.

2. Periods will get even cheaper

Oh yes my pretties! Periods are changing and they’re getting cheaper than ever. Soon the tampon users will be the minority as we all switch to eco-friendly, reusable options like Wuka period pants and Selena Menstrual Cup. If you are still paying for privilege of throwing away three disposable products every day during your period then now is the time to change.

3. We will see the reverse of plastic waste

This may just be wishful thinking, especially as just today it’s been reported that we might be too late for the reversal of climate change but we believe that new methods to remove the plastic that is already made.

That’s right, not only will people reduce the amount of plastic they use but we will start to make a dent on the amount that is already in our oceans. Ultra Violet predicts that scientific discoveries this year will change the way we recycle plastic and will begin to remove the amount of this toxic substance on our planet.

4. The high-street, as you know it, will continue to fail

This doesn’t sound at all surprising if you have been, you know, alive for the past few years, but we have our reasons for including this in here. At the moment the high-street is still so focused on shopping and that’s part of it’s downfall.

Consumers are shopping 24/7 on phones so the last thing they want from shops is to sell stuff right? It is now the responsibility of the high-streets job to diversify it’s offering. We think it should be there to inspire, to spark creativity, to be community hubs and action hotspots, - stop filing up the racks with junk and fill our minds instead.

5. Women’s health goes back to the future

Apps like Moody are bringing together traditional methods of understanding our cycle, like it’s relationship to the moon phases, and giving it to us as a beautiful app. It’s your great grandmothers period for the millennial.

6. CBD will be everywhere

CBD oil will be on every vanity table by the end of this year. CBD is fast becoming a soothing remedy for people who suffer with anxiety and stress and it’s made it’s way into beauty products as well. So even if you don’t find yourself getting overwhelmed or anxious, we guarantee you’ll be smearing CBD infused creams, lip balms or hair oil before you know it.

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